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Handy Artist’s Reference Tool

My friend Mike Monroe and I made an iOs application in Unity.

If you are an artist and would like a posable, lightable hand model, check it out by clicking below, or at

Warehouse Escape Part Deux

Here’s another round of the Unity warehouse level.

I’m still just having fun playing around with it. I added some pixely fire fx, and an irritable green fire watcher. Get too close and he’ll chase you! Once he’s chasing you, if you run far enough away he will stop. The red guys still spawn and chase after you. How long can you keep from getting penned in by them?

Directions: Click where you would like to go.

RGBlast game concept

A friend of mine and I were talking about this as a game based on this general idea.

Cameras and CoRoutines

I’m mucking about with using Unity coroutines to model a simple node-checking state machine.  It’s a lot less typing, I’ll say that!

I was also playing with camera behaviors, but I’ve got work to do there…

Warehouse Escape

Click where you would like to go.
Updated with ‘ambience’, and some other little guys to chase you.