NCAA 2007

NCAA 2007 Box CoverXBOX 360
Electronic Arts Tiburon
On NCAA College Football 2007 I served as the title’s Technical Artist.
My highlights were:

  • Getting all of our pipelines set up on the art side for a first-year title
  • Remaking and automating the uniform generation process again.  See right here! :
  • Writing lots and lots of data management tools for artists. Next Gen has a lot of data!
  • Writing, fixing, and tweaking our in-game HLSL shaders
    My main areas of work for shaders were:
    • Lighting
      • Making sure things came in respecting the game lighting in a balanced way
      • Helping Lighting team achieve the lighting and environment effects they wanted
    • Characters
      • Making sure the skin and faces looked like they were lighting correctly, but also retaining detail in the bright and shadowed areas
      • Jerseys – balancing lighting within the shader to prevent blowout and loss of detail
      • Shadows – fixing and tweaking the players’ shadows on the field and other objects
      • Helmets – making helmet reflections and pridestickers look good in all conditions
    • Artist workflow issues – Making sure the shaders all worked in the way that artists need

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