XBOX 360, PS3, PC
Developed by Monolith
At Monolith, as a Technical Artist my main activities are:

  • Research and prototype new content production techniques, tools, and shaders to support art direction and design needs
  • Develop and support new tools and processes for our art team to keep up with the latest technology
  • Train art team on new pipelines, write and maintain pipeline documentation
  • Act as a bridge between team members in distant disciplines
  • Communicate technical concepts to the art team and artistic needs to the engineering team.

To be honest, I came on to Monolith during the last parts of the game production cycle.  I helped where I could with scripts and problem solving, but mostly stayed out of the way.  Below are some images from the game to show you what it’s like, though I stress that this content has been created by my incredibly talented teammates:


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