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Alex Hogan - Building Generator Alex Hogan - Building Generator

I wrote this building creation tool to help with a project I was involved in professionally. It is written in C# and Maxscript, and uses XML to store a building description.

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Alex Hogan - World Art Tools Alex Hogan - World Art Tools

This is a video showing off three tool sets I designed professionally.
The first lets an artist apply colors to a collection of meshes in a volumetric way - making it easy to batch-paint every LOD of a game asset at once.
The second is a diagnostic shader I wrote for 3d Studio Max that allows artists to see how the surfaces they are modelling will affect character physics and logic.
The third is a 3-layer blending shader designed for use on terrains. Each layer blends into the next based on a heightmap, allowing for nice ragged edge transitions between materials.

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Alex Hogan - Uniform Generator Alex Hogan - Uniform Generator

I wrote this Uniform Generator while working on NCAA Football at Electonic Arts. It is mostly written in Mel script and Visual Basic. It uses a COM connection to control Adobe Photoshop to create the uniforms.

16.2 MiB

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