My name is Alex, and I have been a Technical Artist in the video games industry for about fifteen years now.

There are a lot of different types of technical artists.

Here is a decent description of technical art: Technical Artist Description

I generally work with the world environment and design teams, working primarily on content tools and scripts, writing shaders, and “designing workflow.” In the past I have also worked as a character-specific technical artist, and in-between technical art duties I have helped handle the technical aspects of outsourcing, project sheduling, and “de-snarling” games in production.

I have a passion for designing out big-picture ways of working that make artists happy and deliver games on time at a high bar of quality.

Getting to the moment when something you have worked on finally comes alive still keeps me excited about the work I do.

Game design and development are what I love doing, and I have had the amazing good fortune to always find great studios that need people like me.

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