NCAA 2006

NCAA 2006 Boc Cover

Electronic Arts, Tiburon
On NCAA College Football 2006 I served as the title’s Technical Artist. I wrote tools, fixed art pipeline bugs, analyzed art that wouldn’t go into game correctly and fixed it, automated a lot of the processes for generating art, especially uniforms, and served as an uncheduled, extra artist when time got tight.

My highlights were:

  • Remaking and automating the uniform generation process (just the process/tools – artists created the assets)
  • Remaking all the skies in the game (I did the art)
  • Helping implement, and later fix, the volumetric lights in game (I ported the tools/process, artists made the assets.)
  • Writing tools to bake the lighting and shadow maps for all of the stadiums (Tools only, artists made the assets)

IGN – XBOX version

IGN – PS2 version

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GameZone – Voting NCAA 2006 Best Sports Game of the Year (PS2)

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