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I’ll be taking part in Global Game Jam 2012!

I’ve always wanted to take part in a weekend game jam, but spending the weekend sequestered in my house working on something never appealed to me. All the cool game jams have a location to go crash at, but they are always in New York or Berlin.

Until now!

This year’s Global Game Jam ( takes place over January 27-29, and IADT here in Seattle are sponsoring a location for game jammers to meet up, use their space and equipment, and make something awesome. And I am totally in!

Old speed modelling images.

I just ran across some pics of a speed modelling project I did when I was teaching at Full Sail.  I think this one was a 2 or 3 hour dealy.  Back in my day we didn’t have ZBrush!  We modeled by hand, uphill both ways!

A bunch of older sketches!

I’m just going through old stuff and found these sketches from an older portfolio.  They are fun to look back on from time to time.