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A Post Via Sentinote

This is a quick test I did of SentiNote, a WordPress plugin that allows you to publish content to your WordPress site from EverNote. [Edited]

Suffice to say, it’s working great! Content stays in sync with your note in EverNote, and you can set the refresh interval.

You can create Pages or Posts, and include short codes from other plugins – you can see I’ve embedded some of my LinedIn Profile below!

Using tags, (found here as well as copied at the end of this note/article) you can do all sorts of things, from changing the draft/published state of the content, whether markdown is supported, disabling/enabling comments, or even arranging the pages in a page hierarchy.

There are even a tags to enable special formatting, for things like galleries and videos.

Formatting works!

  • Lists seem to work too
  • Both regular lists
  1. And numbered lists
  2. I am a fan so far

CheckBoxes and CheckBox State are unfortunately not supported.



Text alignments?

Text alignments!


I wonder where that goes!

LinkedIn Test:

LinkedIn Testimonial Test:

Tag Reference

Tag Usage
published Lets Sentinote know to take this note and process it for WordPress. Default post type is standard blog post. All notes to appear in WordPress MUST be tagged with ‘published’
page Changes the note’s post format from standard blog post to standard WordPress page.
draft Changes the note’s status to draft. This post will not be visible to site visitors.
[ My Category] The square brackets will assign your post to a WordPress category with the name in brackets. If it doesn’t exist the category will be created. Of course, replace “My Category” with your own. (ajhNote: Remove the space)
nolink (experimental) Don’t create a menu item for this page in the special ‘Sentinote’ menu.
close Close all comments and ping backs. This overrides the WordPress settings for comments.
open Open comments only for this post. Overrides WordPress settings for comments.
pingopen Open ping backs only for this post. Overrides WordPress settings for comments.
md Apply Markdown/Markdown Extra to this note (Even if the Markdown setting was not ticked for all notes).
nomd Disables Markdown/Markdown Extra for this note (Even if the Markdown setting was ticked for all notes).
{#} (# as page id) Assigns the post as a child of another post (the parent) identified by the post ID.
{format} Formats available: {standard}, {aside}, {gallery}, {link}, {status}, {image}, {quote}, {video}, {audio} or {chat}. This changes the post’s format to the desired format.

Featured Image

Put [ featured] and [ /featured] on either side of an image in your Evernote note to turn it into the featured image (thumbnail) for your post or page (previously undocumented).

Embedding Another Note

Put [ note-content] and [ /note-content] on either side of an Evernote Note Link (which you get by selecting a note in Evernote, then right-clicking it and selecting ‘Copy Note Link’. This will embed the content inside the current note.

Please note that when embedding note content, please make sure that the note is published first.