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I’ll be taking part in Global Game Jam 2012!

I’ve always wanted to take part in a weekend game jam, but spending the weekend sequestered in my house working on something never appealed to me. All the cool game jams have a location to go crash at, but they are always in New York or Berlin.

Until now!

This year’s Global Game Jam ( takes place over January 27-29, and IADT here in Seattle are sponsoring a location for game jammers to meet up, use their space and equipment, and make something awesome. And I am totally in!

Warehouse Escape Part Deux

Here’s another round of the Unity warehouse level.

I’m still just having fun playing around with it. I added some pixely fire fx, and an irritable green fire watcher. Get too close and he’ll chase you! Once he’s chasing you, if you run far enough away he will stop. The red guys still spawn and chase after you. How long can you keep from getting penned in by them?

Directions: Click where you would like to go.